What is the name of our mystery alum, USC Viterbi’s alumni of the year?

Sharon Walker, Dean, Drexel University’s College of Engineering
B.S., Environ. Eng. ’98
Recipient, Mark A. Stevens Distinguished Alumni Award for 2023.

“Our mystery Trojan resides in a city of brotherly and sisterly love [Philadelphia], where she consorts with dragons [Drexel Dragons] as the dean of the school of engineering — the first woman to hold this post.”

Where in the world is Yannis Yortsos?

What story in this issue is written by an AI?

Clue: The author, Dibu Hqu, is only one letter removed from Chat GPT.

“USC Viterbi Wins Emmy for ‘Lives, Not Grades.” (page 6)

Interesting note: We originally had two versions of this story. One written by a human, the other by an AI. None of the Viterbi Marketing & Communications staff guessed correctly which of the two had actually been written by a human author.

Special Note: The Cardinal Mystery

Like the famous Cicada mystery, this will require more effort! The good news: Trojan engineers are not averse to fighting on. 🙂

Please unlock the missing URL from clues in the print magazine. The first to answer the Cardinal Mystery has a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card.